Saturday, March 3, 2012

REPOST: Blued Batangas

Blued Batangas by Cherie Magsanoc

All of us know about Batangas, which is touted as one of the key provinces here in the Philippines known for its rocky beaches with its brown and sometimes white sands. It’s also a favorite among scuba divers especially the beaches in Anilao.
But not everybody knows about a very peaceful and yet to be discovered place in the town of Balayan called the Blue Dolphin Resort. The owners, the Pollard family, started six years ago with a three-bedroom summerhouse for their summer holidays. Friends who often came along were soon offering to pay for the use of their home.
“At first nga, I was shy pa because they’re our friends but they really insisted on paying and encouraged me to open the place to the public,” says Rea Pollard. Not long after, the owners decided to turn the summerhouse into a full-fledged private rest house.
Rare find
Blue Dolphin Resort boasts its very clean (and really clear you can actually see the tiles flooring) and relaxing swimming pool that is a rare find in Batangas. “We use imported chlorine in our pool and we filter it three times a day, with or without guests. Cleanliness and comfort ability is very important to us,” Rea adds.
“We want our customers to enjoy their stay and for the past years I’ve proven they really like my place because they keep coming back and they spread the word of my place to their friends, workmates, etc. It’s a home away from home with sprightly green pocket garden, air-conditioned rooms and you’re actually just two minutes away from the beachfront,” she says.
Warm, welcoming
Blue Dolphin Place, located in Barangay Carenahan, Balayan, Batangas, is equipped with air-conditioned dorm-type rooms, with their own kitchen, toilet and bath. Pleasantly surprising is that this expansive development is still very warm and welcoming, harking back to the days when it was just a family vacation home.
If you want a place to stay in after that long joyride in Tagaytay or simply want to unwind and enjoy intimate time with your loved ones, go straight to Balayan. See for yourselves the best that this rest house in Batangas has to offer.

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